Why Do Lawsuit Loan Providers Still Exist in This World?



Why avail of a lawsuit loan when you can get an attorney for free? It is written in the constitution that a person who cannot afford the services of an attorney shall have an access to one. The attorney shall be provided by the state. If so, why do these loan companies still exist when the services of an attorney can already be enjoyed for free?

There are three reasons why lawsuit loan companies still exist. The Miranda Rights is not applicable to all cases. There are lots of verdict cases where this is not admissible. These are some of the cases where you will need an attorney but the state cannot really provide.

Civil Cases Are Quite the Exemption

Defendants of criminal cases always have the chance to get an attorney that is funded by the state. They can already forget about a lawsuit loan. The opposite happens for civil cases. Civil cases are in nature different with criminal cases. There are a lot of restrictions that are considered before a lawyer can even stand up for a victim of civil abuse. There are times when there are no longer qualified pro Bono attorneys who can handle the work.

Also, civil disputes that involve 3rd party case are best handled by private lawyers. Even cases that involve car accidents are not handled by pro bono lawyers anymore. Surely, you still want to defend yourself during these scenarios but you will have to call a paid attorney for it.

Paid Attorneys Can Simply Do Better 

lawsuit loan is best for those who are looking for lawyers who are charging for a higher fee. They will not charge for a higher fee for no reason at all. There is always a guarantee that they can defend a case the best way they can that is why they are asking for more.

You cannot really blame them. If you look at their records, you will see that majority of their cases ended in their favor. If not, their clients are still left with loads of benefits after a case.  This does not mean that pro bono or state lawyers are no good. It is just natural for highly-paid attorneys to work triple time if needed.

Most Importantly, the Court Decides

There will be a series of background checks first before a court-assigned attorney is given. A lawsuit loan is the last and best choice if the government finds out that the defendant has the financial capability to work with a personally-picked attorney. The decision is left in the hands of the judge. They can be very strict about this, especially if the state where you are living is conservative.

There is comfort and a sense of security when you are working with paid lawyers. Do not risk your chances, especially when you know you are at the losing side. For lawsuit loan, leave the work to Lawsuit Loans Fundings. They have been the leading loan provider for such need. You will never be disappointed with the way they handle the work.

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