Is Legal Finance a Short-Term Pre-Settlement Funding?



A litigation funding or legal finance is well-known among individuals who are experiencing financial troubles and in pursuit of a lawsuit at the same time. This type of funding has become popular among complainants due to the convenience and ease that it provides. Most of the time, plaintiffs who are facing a lawsuit takes them months and even years to win a settlement case. Hence, there is a need for a litigation funding so as to move on with their daily lives.

Pre-settlement Funding

Litigation funding is also referred to as a pre-settlement funding. It is considered as a special type of financial assistance or loan. It gives individuals a chance to pursue a lawsuit without having to sacrifice any assets or property. Although there are other sources available such as mortgage and personal loans, legal funding has been a choice for many. Other loan types usually require high monthly fees and interest rates, while legal funding has fewer risks. The repayment of a legal finance only comes into place once the settlement money is awarded to the complainant.

Benefits of Pre-settlement Funding

There are several benefits that a pre-settlement funding can provide to individuals. Primarily, such assistance can ease the financial burdens of people as they go through their respective lawsuit cases. Settlement claims can take much delay like several months or years. Within this period, the complainant may be incapable to work and wages could stop. Hence, a litigation funding is needed in order to cover bills and expenses aside from the legal proceedings. Moreover, a legal funding, which comes mostly as a fast cash advance can also ease emotional and psychological stress of the complainants. The same legal finance can also help them to cover their attorney’s fees and other legal needs.

Short-term Benefits?

Other people do not resort to litigation funding. They believe that the benefits are only good for a short-term period. Some individuals who have experienced getting a litigation funding had just enough in covering their few, monthly bills. Hence, it is important that complainants should seek for further advice from their attorneys, legal advisors, friends, and families. Otherwise, when a litigation funding is entirely needed during a financial trouble, it is highly advised that individuals must look for a company with the most reasonable fees possible.


Getting a litigation funding company could be the first or last resort of individuals, depending on their case. Thus, it is always vital to compare the rates of existing companies that offer the same service. Weighing the value of the settlement case and the legal funding is also important. To learn more about legal finance or litigation funding, visit Lawsuit Loans Fundings at

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