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Financial debts are a heavy pressure to carry in the modern consumerist world we live in. Many individuals make hasty financial decisions that in the end provide no comfort at all. When it comes to debt, we all want the pressure to go away. This pressure comes from letters and telephone calls from lenders and collectors. Our first reaction is to stop answering our phones and to ignore the letters we receive.

Ignoring our debts is not going to make it disappear. When our debt can no longer be ignored, we seek the help of professionals who may help us in reducing the pressure. Sometimes we turn to the wrong individuals for help. An individual in debt is an individual who most of the time is in denial. I say this because in order to accrue considerable amounts of debt no matter what the situation, one must have been in denial. It is true that most individuals who are in debt had some unfortunate event occur in their lives. Debt settlement funding is the best option for everyone.

We keep falling into a pattern of denial by trusting professionals who promise us the world, who make us feel that they will help us deal with our responsibilities. I am not saying that applying to a debt settlement funding company is not good for us. Many people have resolved all of their debts and become worry free. To become totally exempt from debt accrued via bank cards, one  must know  that  the method to  do it is to apply for debt settlement  funds

By saving  for 2 % perhaps 3% of our total debt every 30 days, most debt settlement organizations  predict that  an individual will be 100 % debt free in at least 36 months. It may seem that the cases are small, but debt  funding organizations will say or do anything to pressure the individuals to apply for debt settlement funding. Take into consideration the fact that most of these organizations ask for cash in advance in the form of a retainer fee. They may also ask for a monthly maintenance fee and so on. My question has always been – why ask for cash in advance from individuals who cannot deliver their monthly installments to their lenders and place them further in debt?

Debt settlement funding applications mostly do not have their customer’s best interests at heart. They have their own interests at heart. With the cash they collect in advance, they can ensure that they achieve the company’s monthly targets for debt settlement funding applications. This cash is their life line. This cash comes in every month and it is no wonder that credit score repair businesses spend most of their advertising cash simply to attract more customers into applying for debt settlement funding.

When we know that debt settlement funding is a multimillion dollar industry, we must keep in mind that we are just what the debt funding companies need. We have become a cash cow to them; we keep them in business, while we become stressed out and make hasty and often, wrong choices to dig ourselves out of the hole we fell into. Financial debts are a trap and lenders know it and we fall for it, debt settlement funding businesses know it and they     use our problems to fill up their purses. Next time you think of applying for that nice bright bank card, remember consolidation will be waiting for you with open arms. I hope you make the right decision!

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