Can Slip And Falls Get Settlement Loans?



Slip and falls can happen to anyone, a child or an adult. It can also take place in a wide variety of shops, store, buildings and establishments, among others. When this incident happens, the victim could suffer from a considerable amount of personal injuries that include broken bones, bruises and wounds, among others. Just like cases such as nursing home casestruck accidents and other personal injury or wrongful death cases, victims or their families can apply for settlement loans.

Where Can A Slip And Fall Accident Happen?

It may happen anywhere at the most unexpected situations. For instance, it may happen even if someone is just shopping in the mall. He may slip and fall on the stairs or on the escalator. In addition, other common places where it can take place include concert venues, apartments, home, malls, grocery stores and restaurants.

Some of the hazards that may involve a slip and fall accident include but not limited to broken staircases, broken or damaged sidewalks and poor lighting, among others. As you see, there are many situations when you may meet a slip and fall accident. It may also happen to anyone during the most unexpected situations.

What Should You Do For The Injuries Sustained From A Slip And Fall?

As you know, it may be scary because the personal damages can result to loss of income and inability to work. It can also cause you emotional and mental anguish, including stress, anxiety and depression. It may also cause a burden for your family, especially if you are living from paycheck-to-paycheck. As you know, filing a case is costly. Even if it is, you should be compensated and be represented by a good lawyer. However, the problem is money. If you don’t have enough of it, you should file settlement loans.

Why Should You Apply For Settlement Loans?

Your needs may be met urgently because a lawsuit loan is processed within the same day or the next. It is straightforward and easy because settlement loans do not have to check on the credit and employment background of the applicant. What they check is your case’s winning chances. If they find that you do, then you can get approval within the same day.  An overnight check may be wired or a direct deposit may be done.

In addition, a settlement loan is non-recourse, meaning you don’t pay when you lose. The entire risk is on the lawsuit loan company and not on you. If you lose it, you will not have to repay. This is a reason a lawsuit funding firm reviews applications thoroughly.

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